Bombardier Dash 8 Cockpit Procedures Trainer


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Cockpit Procedure Trainer’s (CPT’s) are used by flight training organisations for the training of flight crew. Focusing on normal and abnormal cockpit procedures for individual flight crew or in the multi-crew environment using touch drills.

CPT’s enhance procedural proficiency through repetitive practice. This will ensure that the flight crew will be adequately prepared before they enter the flight simulator or aircraft.

Construction is of a strong but light weight Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). Coated in a durable gloss white polyester finish.

Aircraft cockpit illustrations are printed at full scale size. Then laminated and mounted to the ACP panels providing a hard wearing and easy to clean finish.

We can also customise our cockpit graphics to suit your specific Aircraft or Simulator configuration.

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 130 × 60 × 60 cm