Cockpit posters

SimFly's cockpit posters are an essential training tool for pilot training. Highly detailed vector illustrations of the aircraft cockpit allow the pilot to become familiar with the aircraft systems and allow them to practice and perfect their scan flows to be adequately prepared before entering the flight simulator or real aircraft.

SimFly's cockpit posters are are supplied in a high quality print and are available in a variety of sizes. Optional laminating is available and recommended to protect and preserve your poster set.

A cockpit poster is an essential tool for the pilot-in-training, as it provides an accurate visual reference during aircraft systems training for their type rating and then becomes a portable trainer that enables them to practice and learn their cockpit work cycles and scan-flows ensuring they are adequately prepared before entering the aircraft or flight simulator.

SimFly’s cockpit posters are highly detailed graphic illustrations of the actual aircraft cockpit including all of its instruments, gauges, switches and placards and come in a variety of poster configurations to choose from.

Ranging from a desk size cockpit poster to a full size 1:1 cockpit wall poster.

Cockpit illustrations are vector based and are printed by a high quality large format printer on coated paper using a pigment based ink means you get a high quality print that resists fading under UV light.

Simfly provide 1 page, 2 page, and 3 page poster sets. We can also supply fully customised poster sets to match your specific aircraft or simulator configuration.

Student Desktop Cockpit posters

The Student desk size poster is suitable for classroom training and fits neatly on the desk under the usual pile of text books for quick reference during technical ground schools.

All aircraft panels included on the one page. Lamination highly recommended to increase the longevity of your poster and also allows the use of dry erase markers.

Poster Dimensions:
910mm x 550mm

1 Page cockpit poster

The 1 page poster set is intended as display artwork suitable for picture framing.

Illustration detail is reduced to allow fitment of all aircraft panels on the 1 page unlike our other training posters.

Poster Dimensions:
1000mm x 700mm approx (Varies depending on aircraft type)

2 Page cockpit poster

The 2 page poster set which shares the same size instrument panel as the 3 page poster set and the Overhead Panel and Centre Pedestal reduced in size to fit on the one page.

The poster size is ideal for those with limited space but still want maximum detail with a larger image size than the student desk poster.

Poster Dimensions:
Instrument Panel: 914mm x 450mm
Overhead & Pedestal Panel: 914mm x 450mm

3 Page cockpit poster

The 3 page poster set is an alternate to the full size cockpit poster set.

Each panel is printed on its own page in a size that displays maximum detail of all instruments, gauges and placards.

The posters size allow them to be attached to a wall in the same configuration as the aircraft and are perfect for scan flow practice.

Poster Dimensions:
Instrument Panel: 914mm x 450mm
Overhead Panel: 914mm x 450mm
Pedestal Panel: 914mm x 450mm

Fullsize cockpit poster

Full size Cockpit Poster

The Full size wall poster set is 1:1 scale of the actual aircraft generally used by flight training centres in their briefing rooms.

Maximum detail and realism is achieved at this scale.

Cockpit customisation and inclusion of company logos available. Two different wall mounting options available (Powder coated aluminium frame with hanging system or flush mounted composite panel.)

Size varies depending on aircraft type.