Fokker F100 Full Size Scale Graphic Cockpit Config #2


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The Full Size graphic poster set is ideal for training room walls.

Illustration detail is 1:1 size of the actual aircraft cockpit ideal for systems training as its size is easily viewed from across the training room.

Printed on 180gsm coated paper this full size graphic can also be laminated if required.

Available options include printing on a self adhesive polypropylene with a protective finish for mounting on a suitable mounting substrate or wall.

This is the preferred option of most flight training centres.

Pricing starts at $460AUD. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For our Australian customers:

As the F100 has a number of cockpit differences between aircraft, SimFly has 2 cockpit configurations available for this aircraft for you to choose from.

If you are unsure about which cockpit configuration you will need for your training.

“Config #1” has been based on aircraft that are in use by Network and CAE Simulator.

“Config #2” is a replica of the Ansett simulator now in use by Alliannce.

Alliannce has a combination of both Config 1 and Config 2 in their fleet.

Poster dimensions:

Printed on 4 separate sized media. The total dimensions are approximately 2050mm x 2200mm.

*SimFly can also supply fully customised poster sets to match your specific aircraft or simulator configuration.

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Dimensions 98 × 15.4 × 15.4 cm

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