Fokker F100 1 Page Wall Poster Cockpit Config #2


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The 1 page poster set is intended for use as a wall display graphic. Suitable for mounting or fitted to a picture frame.

A scaled graphic Illustration to fit all aircraft panels on a single page.

For a suitable training graphic with larger images. Please see:

For our Australian customers:

As the F100 has a number of cockpit differences between aircraft, SimFly has 2 cockpit configurations available for this aircraft for you to choose from.

If you are unsure about which cockpit configuration you will need for your training.

“Config #1” has been based on aircraft that are in use by an operator and simulator based in Perth.

“Config #2” is a replica of a simulator based in Melbourne.

The aircraft operator based in Brisbane has a combination of both Config 1 and Config 2 in their fleet.

Poster dimensions:

1100mm x 914mm approx

*SimFly can also supply fully customised poster sets to match your specific aircraft or simulator configuration.

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Dimensions 98 × 15.4 × 15.4 cm

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