For Commerical Operators and Flight Training Facilites

Simfly can custom build a CASA Approved Aircraft Synthetic Trainer that has a full size instrument panel and flight controls with external visual projection.

• Ability to be approved under CASA CAO 45.0 (Category A, B or C, FSD-2 level synthetic flight trainer.
• Trainer for instrument flight procedures
• Trainer for cross country instrument flight navigation
• Instrument approach training and recency (including GNSS NPA)
• Logging of instrument flight time and recency

For the Aviation Enthusiast

The FST1100 is the ideal cost effective flight simulator to have at home. It comes as a turn key package and is narrow enough (800mm) to fit through the average size doorway and is mounted on fully castoring wheels which makes it easy to relocate and position into place or be moved aside when not in use.

All that is needed is a dull room approximately 3meters x 3meters and a clean pale coloured wall (or optional projection screen) for the external visual projection and a powerpoint nearby.

SimFly FST1100 Flight Simulator Aidan
SimFly FST1100 instrument panel

It is a fully self contained unit, which includes all the normal aircraft controls, avionics and flight instruments.

Located in the front is the external visual projector that can display an image that is equivalent to a 140 inch television screen and hidden underneath the instrument panel is the PC, keyboard and track pad.

SimFly FST1100 poor weather approach YBBN

You are then able to choose from 1000's of airports across the world and fly in all types of challenging weather in your choice of aircraft.

The FST1100 is suitable to use as a personal instrument and / or flight trainer for the purpose of logging instrument flight time under a CASA synthetic trainer approval.

Purchase or leasing options available to approved applicants

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SimFly C172 Flight Simulator Brochure